When Elemental Andrej Siminof reaches out to an old friend to uncover the meaning behind the colors he can now see, he gets far more than advice, he becomes an agent with the FPU hot on a confusing case that brings him back into the world of the Making Waves family he only recently encountered. Charged with finding out who is trying to poison the waterway, he must walk a fine line between being an agent, and following the path to his destiny newly revealed. 

An eclectic witch, Marine Botanist Taylen Scott can’t shake the sense that she’s being watched. She is, but not for the reasons she supposes. The arrival of Federal Agents in her lab, put her further on edge as she tries to unravel how and why there’s marijuana growing in the Back Bay Channel. She’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, even if it means risking everything.

An inferno of fire from an explosion takes Andrej back to his black and white existence, forcing him to choose once and for all who he will be…agent, Elemental, hero, or casualty. The fate of the witch he’s come to love hangs in the balance, as does his one shot at the future. 

Can they have it all, or will he have to give it all up to give her a fighting chance?


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