His playboy ways might just cost him his forever.

Sturgeon Barrow is a stubborn Mer with a wild side he doesn’t control. Defiant and difficult, he nearly flees before getting a chance to meet the one meant to tame him. Leave it to the sisters of Paranormal, Inc. to plant a seed so tempting he can’t resist.

Nera Daren knows who her destined mate is, a Mer with a tail-chasing reputation. She’d had no regrets when she chose to walk away and return solo to the black waters without meeting him. But can she stay there? Whispers in the dark shed light on mischief afloat above her deep water world, forcing her to realize she might just care after all.

The water realms are in chaos as inhabitants at multiple depths are mysteriously disappearing, and an ominous warning without context leaves everything at risk. Their changes of heart might just be too little, too late.