I’m 10 days away from a marathon flight to Alaska. I’ve been waiting for this, and sweating bullets over this for WEEKS. I’m going to an author deep dig event where we’re going to WORK…and WORK A LOT. I’m excited for what this means for me, but somewhat nervous also to open up my habits and business to other authors, who by the list…have a whole lot more on the ball than I do at the moment.

Sure, once upon a time I was a wording machine – cranking them out story after story, but let’s face it – that hasn’t been me in more than a hot minute and not for wanting it to be true. I need to brush up on my typing or dictating…or whatever way the words want out to make this trip my DAY ONE of the comeback success story I’m dreaming of. I have characters in my head scrambling to get out and bumping into one another trying to find the way to a page, any page. The hold up? Is me. I’ve been so preoccupied and consumed with everything else that has been happening around, with, and to me, that the words took a third-row backseat to pretty much anything shiny, loud, or to be truthful, with ten tiny fingers or toes.

And with that admission, I’m off again as I have one more piece of homework (yes, we got homework for this) before I can say that I’ve wrapped up everything that I was tasked with preparing in advance. In truth, the homework itself revealed some GLARING opportunities that I’ve also missed for the trees. Til we meet again – be safe, well, and joyful. Spring is on top of us and it’s a glorious day to be alive!   ~Sav