It’s October. Can you believe it? I surely cannot.
TO add to the confusion, I’m one trip away from finding myself at the door and wondering which direction I’m supposed to be headed. Sadly, that one trip will happen before Samhain. If there was ever a doubt about what I can, and cannot, handle…the lingering sick that I’ve had all month is testifying that this many outings in 30 days are over my limit.
I’m once again behind on deadlines and seriously wondering what I can wrap yet this year to keep from rolling over. 2019 was already full. I have no window to move 2018 incompletes to the party. I’ve had to cut my appearances for 2019 as well…and while I cannot share the details of why just yet…it’s going to impact my writing agenda as well…which really means I have no window. I may not make the 2019 agenda as it is. 🙁
This all in mind, I’ll apologize now for the crazy. I can’t quite make heads nor tails of it yet, so I’m certain it’s confounding for everyone else. Just have faith, as soon as there’s rhyme or reason to share, I will.
Until then…read something amazing. ((I highly recommend Havenwood Falls…any of them. They’re a fab distraction when up and down don’t fit your world and you need to escape!))