10454296_361006674073419_7970775334814670469_nWelcome back worders and guests. Today my topic is crappy first drafts…why? Because at the moment that is exactly what I have and exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. The cliché’s are endless…when you begin you aren’t writing, you’re putting sand in a bucket so you can build sand castles later, you can’t edit what isn’t on the page, write drunk – edit sober…I’m sure we’ve all seen them, but let’s face it, the message is the same, put the pen to the page and get to work.
With Watchtower I changed my writing routine completely. I actually took each storyline and wrote it to conclusion then broke it into pieces as I built the book by chapters. It was liberating; and it was scary as hell. With Kingdoms Fall, I’m not sure what I’m doing. I’ve left so much to this one body of work that I cannot find the beginning nor the end. I cannot decide if there will be a book four. I cannot figure out how to get everything that is hanging out into book three, and I’m terrified.
I’m excited to work with a plotter soon. As someone who has always had an innate sense of the story and where it was going next, this feeling of hanging by a hair over the cliff edge to oblivion is unfamiliar and unnerving. Here’s what I know to be true. I am eternally grateful to those who have embraced The Vengelys Series and the characters I have created. I want to tell the story in such a way that you feel like it is either a natural progression or conclusion to the tale.
In the end, I want to know that I told the story the way I needed to tell it and that it is complete. What that translates to is beyond my grasp right now. Whatever it becomes, thanks for coming on the journey.