I am bush-whapped. The holidays snuck up fast, beat me senseless, and made a break for fairer skies. Dirtballs.
I did remember to pause and experience the moments. I did remember to hug my nephews a little tighter since I don’t see them very often. I did eat way too much and have to fast the weekend to let my system recover from the rich and sugary treat overload, but after all that, I’m honestly glad it’s done.
It’s not a mild bah-humbug sentimentality, a grinchy outlook, or even a total Scrooge, it is the reality of too many things and not enough hours. I am grateful for family to share time with, but I happen to believe that those you love should know it all year, not just because there is a holiday. I wish desperately that I could see many of them far more than I do, but we are spread too far across the country now for that. I’ll take the moments that we have to share, still wish for more, but also be glad when the crazy is ended.
Christmas has become a circus. I’m waiting for the masses to have nervous breakdowns in the shopping centers trying to find the perfect gift for those they only know peripherally. Or, the gift receivers to have them when they get another pair of socks or a Christmas shave because it has become so gift-centric that the holiday is material and superficial. We have deteriorated to this and the gifts have become ridiculous.
For me, the best gift this year was something that my father made for my mother twenty-five years ago, but I’m sappy sentimental like that. I do not suggest that we not give gifts, only that we step back to remember WHY we give them instead of doing so out of obligation or trying to have the biggest, most expensive thing under the tree. The holidays have changed. Maybe because I’m older, but I’m not sure that’s it either.
It is for these reasons, I am glad the holidays are ended. I need to get back into balance and recharge. I have work to do that won’t do itself. My marathon project of the last 6 or 7 weeks is FINALLY off my desk. I was beginning to have doubts about my self-will to finish the task. (Something that I’ve not hit before.)
I need a day or two (hAHAAA – 3 day weekend coming) to gut my office and clear the counters for the year ahead. There is a new author at Eclectic Bard Books to launch in april, there are several old authors here too that need to have their hiney’s kicked into production, and there are events coming up just around the corner that will put speed bumps in our progress path.
The New Year is not here yet, but my mantra for 2016 is already set.
Drink coffee, Write words, Repeat.
See you in 2016!