I’ve said it jokingly to several people now, but in the shadowy corner of my soul where all my truths hide, I’m pretty sure it’s there among the cobwebs;

I’m so far behind right now,

I’ve lapped myself twice on the back field straightaway.


I had five days off…in a row, and accomplished not a lick of anything remotely able to be counted. In my defense, it was Thanksgiving and so two of the five days were food and family focused. Still, three days and nothing done but housework, and baking/decorating a sheet cake. (Which for the record, I have not done in nearly 30 years.) I have also seen the final season of True Blood, which is laughable as I have not seen the others. The final series of the show does not on any level I can comprehend, resemble the books that sponsored the series. A prime example of why I don’t watch such drivel to begin with.
Right now, my sense of self and direction is more like a compass sitting next to a magnet than anything that resembles prophetically directional. *double sigh* I have not lost my way, more I’m spinning in circles trying to stave off the dizzy long enough to move beyond the rail I’m turning upon. I have multiple pages of things that need doing, and I know what most of them even are without looking…I’ve just lacked the motivation to pick an item and start moving.
In the lag time, it’s now Monday again. I’ve returned to work and the piles of things that accrued whilst I was off not accomplishing other things and thus, my to do list is exponentially longer…though now not with anything remotely close to what I want to do, these are the things that I must do. So, it is with a heavy heart that I dive into the list and pile and hope that there is something that resembles energy after I’m done to try once again to tackle the list that is all my own to do. Monday comes every week, but it seems to me that more and more they are Manic and crazed days, over being just another page on the calendar. Hopefully, that will change soon.