So, I think I do a pretty decent job of plotting my work. Mind you, I still get surprised by things as they happen, so maybe that makes me a pantster…or oooooh, I’m a hybrid. Whichever the case, I’ve taken a step to see if I can become a solid planner and booked myself into a master class for writers for PLOTTING.
I am hopeful that this will get me on track to crack out an awesome book III in The Vengelys Series as I have stalled a bit. I know where the story needs to go. I know which what happens when, kinda…but there’s an ‘ooomph’ that just hasn’t hit me.
The strange thing on this is that a book I was looking forward to reading has done the same thing to me. Maybe it’s me. So let’s commizzerate…how do you get over the winter writing hump?