I’ll never be rich. I know that at this stage in my life, and have managed to come to terms with the revelation. Actually, I think I rather like the idea of it. The only downside is I have a dream of one day sailing off and disappearing away somewhere to read, write, and lie in the sun. No particular harbor calls me to it, just the idea of escaping the world as it exists now, and the direction it seems to be headed. I’ve been stocking my library for decades now. The books are ready to be consumed.
The last year plus a few months have been frantic and discombobulated. I can see more clearly the destructive side of it now that I’m looking back. It didn’t seem quite so lost a cause in the middle. I was sure I could pull out of the funk I was in and make it a tally to the good column. I was mistaken. Only with intervention and a whole lot of support did the spiral still, and eventually move in the upturned direction again.
Fortunately for me…and you, as I think the book coming out before I’ll know how to react yet is better for it. The language is stronger, the scenes are tighter, and I know the story is more fully realized and fleshed out. Some day I’ll go back and pick up the first run of it. I’m not ready to see it just now. I want to take this time to enjoy the success of the one that is and to stand in the light with it, the darkness had its turn.
Kingdoms Fall will be out in the next 21 days. Are you ready? The cover reveal is March 1st…keep an eye open. I think it is stunning.
Read something good!