pizap-com13904227506211-2I know…I’m supposed to post on wednesdays. I missed…again. But, I’m here now, actually with a few things to tell you.
First off, I got the scores back from RomCon with the reader reviews for Warrior’s Watchtower. WW did significantly better than Through the Oracle’s Mist did and landed at 7.5 overall. It takes a composite score of 8 or better to be in the Reader’s Crown, but what a HUGE boost to see the score jump.  At this pace, Kingdom’s Fall should vie for the Crown next year! How exciting to anticipate!!
Next, as some of you are aware, we hit a few bumps when Watchtower first came out of the gate last fall. I’ve heard from more than a couple of you about things that you believed could and would make Watchtower easier to read as the story is expansive and winding. I HEARD YOU. Warrior’s Watchtower will re-release on April 9th with a few minor changes. I am hopeful that these will help readers to navigate the story without feeling like they slipped out of the tale because they needed to discern the voice or setting.
All copies…print and electronic will be updated just prior to this re-release. IF you are among those who read the updated version, I still want to hear from you…Kingdoms Fall is hitting the desk and needs to build from not steer away from the tale that you know. In addition, there will be a release party (re-release party) complete with prizes on April 9th at 6:00 EST. See my fan page on facebook for the where and spread the word!
Lastly, speaking of Kingdoms, there is a pinned post on my fan page wall on facebook asking for some very specific information. I have the great fortune to get to work with a plotting master on Kingdoms and have the opportunity to lay it all before them and get aid sorting it out…if KF is to become half the book I dream it can be, I need some input. PLEASE take a minute and let me know what your thoughts and lingering questions are for the series so far. Part of this third book will be determining if the series will continue beyond it…it just depends on how much story the readers actually want. I want to hear from you.