The Red Queen launched finally late last week. After several long months of struggle to get Margaret to wrap it up so I could take it to print, she sat back and said “That’s all you get…for now.” Yes, there is more to come from our friend Mags but she will have to wait to finish her tale as others are getting their 15 minutes next.
Some Might Call it Magick is slotted to come out at the end of 2015 accomplishing two things; One, getting the release dates back on track, and Two, putting a second F3 series book in your hand this year. I would be a big fat liar if I said this was anything short of daunting! With this in mind…tell me who you want to hear about. Yes, we’ll hear from Thorne, can’t leave him hanging. We’ll may hear from Aaron & Sharilyn, Jade, Remy & Grant, Drew, and perhaps even our latest favorite resident bad boy Bart…I have lots of options and no hard decisions right now. The only one I know for certain is Carolyn who has been patiently waiting to tell her story after Colb left her at the quarterly party.
For the moment though, I want to crow. TRQ is out and Maggie did herself proud. Here’s what readers are saying…
amazon reviewer: I have read Swingers several times and could hardly wait to read The Red Queen. I wanted to get to know who the Red Queen truly was, her upbringing, thoughts and what molded her to become the woman she is today.
This is a must read by a brilliant author. I will be waiting on pins and needles for more in the series.
amazon reviewer: A journey of growth and becoming who we want to be. This is Maggie’s story. Full of emotional highs and lows, Abyrne Mostyn eloquently takes the reader through Maggie’s story, from her childhood, the tragedies, and items in a certain laundry bag that pulled back the curtain giving her a glimpse of what she wanted and helped form who and what she wants to become. Though the Fantasies, Fetishes, & Flesh series is in part, erotica in nature, these stories, especially The Red Queen, are so much more than sex scene after sex scene. Although, just between us, these stories might in fact be explicit enough to make the star of a video blush! So, if you enjoy a story with some HAWT sex scenes intermixed but not as the sole focus, then this story is for you! If you do want endless raunchy sex scenes you can always visit sites like and more.

amazon reviewer: I’ve read “Swingers” and The Dom’s Diary. Enjoyed both and looked forward to “Red Queen” continuing the story. The Red Queen was not what I expected. It was so much MORE! The book has my sensory perceptions on overload. If you are new to this world, you will gain an understanding that does not cheapen the lifestyle. And if you are already familiar with this world, I think you will enjoy Maggie and her tale.

Thank you to everyone who has read or is reading and sharing Maggie’s tale. I look forward to telling her and Chris’ story in Lock & Key, but again, that will be after SMCIM. Thanks for letting me take my moment! have a great one.