I normally post on friday, and I know tomorrow is Savannah’s day so I didn’t want to pre-empt, but I wanted to take a moment to pause and remember why there is a three-day weekend happening. It isn’t a Hallmark, pull out your BBQ, grab your bag for candy from the parade holiday, although that will happen. This holiday is something more.
This holiday, also known as Decoration Day, is the day where we pause to remember that not everyone came home. Not every soldier deployed comes back to a tearful reunion after a job well done, for some families there are only  tears. Their mission in play, some paid the price that every enlisted knows is a possible punch on their card. Please, as you ‘celebrate’ stop to remember that this freedom you have is because someone else gave their full measure and will not be ‘celebrating’ today. As you ‘celebrate’ instead of wishing Happy Memorial Day to a soldier who may know many who they won’t see again, perhaps instead opt for Thank You.
Freedom isn’t free, and free men & women need to remember that our freedoms came at a very high price. Our freedom is also not guaranteed because it was ‘bought and paid for’ somewhere in the past. So, DO pause to remember, but remain vigilant that tomorrow is not promised to any of us as many of our soldiers and their families know. Please, somewhere this weekend take a moment to remember what this holiday really is, and what it isn’t.