By Abyrne
| May 30, 2013
As I sit and think about this post and all of the “I” words that influence our skill set ((there’s another I word)) that we have that encompass what we know about being a good writer, and have always known; I find that for “I” week, I actually need an “A” word to get it done. Affirmation.
According to my Webster’s Unabridged (big ass, don’t drop it on your foot size) Universal Dictionary;
Affirmation is defined as: “the act of affirming or asserting as true; that which is asserted, positive declaration; confirmation, ratification or a solemn declaration made, under the penalties of perjury, by persons who conscientiously decline taking an oath and is in law equivalent to an oath.”
For this, I will use the “positive declaration” definition.
Do we remember playing on the snow-mounds in the play yard at day-school? Even though we were told not to, we did it. I did. Do we remember getting to the top declaring “I am KING of the mountain”? Usually from the top of our lungs, which invariably called attention to us on the snow-mound we were told not to play on? I digress. Was there any doubt in our mind of our status as King? Nope. We declared it, it was fact. Or, how about our responses to “What are you going to be when you grow up?” I’m going to be an astronaut. No doubt, statement of fact. Am I an astronaut now? No. Let’s contrast this with that little train that kept saying “I think I can, I think I can…” instead of “I know I can”. There is a vast difference in thinking. In the first examples, we are. In the second, we hope.
The question then becomes are you a writer? Do you know it? Do you affirm it to yourself and everyone around you? OR, are you hoping you are a writer telling yourself, “I think I can”. The difference is absolute and will show in what you say, do, and accomplish.
It’s true. While MANY MANY writers have horrible pangs of self doubt and are their own worst critics, they still call themselves “writer.” They sit down, bang away at the keyboards and while loathing their production, have written and claim the title. Do you? If the answer is yes, please jump to item “TWO” below. If the answer is anything but yes, please pause for two things. ONE, to have a serious heart to heart with yourself and decide if you are or if you hope.. If you don’t get to yes, then you need to revisit this more at length I think. If the answer is yes however…go to ’TWO’, which is stand up and shout out loud (because we all can use the kick in the trews), repeating after me…
Congratulations. Purpose affirmed.