Welcome back!  Actually you were probably here weren’t you and I missed the post last week…50 lashes.  Ugh.  Things have been topsy-turvy at club Aedan lately. As many of you know, I have two teenage daughters. The past 10 days have been ACT’s and PARCC testing along with Military Ball in the middle. I’m amazed I still have hair.
I also got my eyeballs checked, which was great for seeing while driving since they corrected my vision for distance to 20/20 perfect. The challenge came when I wanted to read, because in correcting for distance, I can’t see a damn thing up close…the computer, a book, the tablet I’m writing on – nada. If it were contacts, I could wear the reader glasses from the pharmacy, but you don’t put them over another pair of glasses so I’m in limbo to get that resolved in old specs.
On the writing front, as some have seen on my fan page at facebook, Kingdoms Fall is a mad conflagration on the plot board. I’ve signed up to work with a master plotter and get my crap together to try to ferret out which way this thing goes AND hopefully come to decision on if this is the last of the Vengelys Series or not. From day one this series was only supposed to be three books. The three stories that it started out to be are vastly different from what is coming to pass though, so I cannot say with any degree of confidence where this is going now.
To those of you who love the stories I’m immensely grateful, I’m just a bit in my head about it right now. As with everything else, I’m sure that once I step out of my brain and let the organic of it back in control the path will once again be clear. Writing is like that for me. The more I think about it, the more convoluted and crazy it becomes.
Hope your midweek is a turn for the good! The temps are climbing here and the snow drifted piles are shrinking. It’s a great day to be alive!
Carry on.