Worder date 20140211 (point) 14- author’s blog supplemental.
I am going to flay open the soul of the rat bastage who has off’d with my manuscript. My mission is to locate said hooligan and hang them by their entrails in front of the postal facility they call home.  Cooperation from the grey uniformed collaborators remains unknown.
Did I get your attention? Good. That was the point. This opening statement, much like the first lines of your story need to engage and motivate the reader to continue reading. While the above post is actually based on truth, it was specifically worded to grab your attention and make you wonder enough about what happened to keep going. I don’t know why the Star Trek bend is in there, it just typed itself. Swear.
The short version of the opening above is that a copy of a manuscript is lost in the mail. It is being tracked and fully insured, yet remains unlocateable for some reason. To say my blood pressure is elevated would be calling water wet. I want heads to roll even if that means I have to lace up the bowling shoes to do it myself.
As I spent more hours on the tele with the customer un-assistance division than not today, I apologize for the lateness of my posting. A years worth of writing is in fact on the line in the wind somewhere in the bowels of the mail carriers dungeon and I want it back. No time to waste, it’s my goal for today. Your goal for today, should you choose to accept the mission is to write a kick ass, knock your socks off, grab everyone’s attention opening to something. I really don’t care if it’s for a cereal commercial…just do it.
Write something great today.